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Cervical Spine Related Hearing Loss and Neck Pain Relief with Chiropractic

The traditional story of the first chiropractic adjustment by DD Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, details the hearing return of a deaf janitor after spinal manipulation. (1) Fascinating! Today’s research studies help explain and confirm the connection of hearing and cervical spine pain issues. Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville hears stories of improvement in St. Francisville chiropractic patients for issues not always related to the issue that brought them into Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville for chiropractic care. Patients are elated! Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville is excited for them. Let us contemplate this side-effect of hearing loss improvement after chiropractic spinal manipulation.


Hearing loss is not that rare with cervical spine issues. The association of cervical spine and hearing has been considered in the medical publications for decades. In 1994, one author submitted an idea of the existence of a “vertebragenic hearing disorder” that comes with tinnitus, a feeling of ear pressure, otalgia and deafness due to functional deficit of the upper cervical spine. He linked conditions like cervical vertigo and hearing disorders in 15% of patients with cervical spine issues and hearing losses of 5 to 25 decibels in 40% of them. (2) St. Francisville chiropractic patients recount such problems sometimes, so Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville is not surprised at all.

Cervical spine issues can affect ear vessels and/or nerves causing hearing loss, vertigo or tinnitus. Cervical spine injuries can produce pain and limits in range of motion. The likelihood of hearing loss in patients with limited left rotation ability is high. Such hearing loss after a cervical spine injury is more usual in men. (3) Additionally, there is evidence of interaction between the somatosensory and auditory brainstem structures, a pathway connecting the cervical spine to hearing function. Researchers are working to find the pathway and understand better how spinal nerves like those of C2 (the second cervical spine segment) have an effect on auditory responses (hearing). They have discovered projections from C2 dorsal root ganglion extending to the cochlear nucleus. (4) Patients who have Kimmerle’s anomaly – an anatomical variant of the first cervical segment (C1) – often have chronic tension-type headaches and neurosensory-type hearing loss. (5) What does this indicate about the connection between hearing and the cervical spine? A connection. Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville considers this when treating St. Francisville cervical spine pain patients with a hearing loss or deficit.


Since that first chiropractic adjustment in 1895, chiropractic has recorded improvement for more patients with hearing issues. A study of 90 patients who experienced cervicogenic sudden hearing loss recorded that those who had chiropractic treatment in addition to routine medical care recovered their hearing and alleviated their neck pain effectively after 10 days of care. (6) A case of hearing loss and tinnitus associated with cervicogenic neck pain in a female patient whose hearing and tinnitus were improved after having chiropractic spinal manipulation treatment. On a scale of 0 (no problem) to 10 (complete impairment), she rated her issues a 7 at the beginning of care and a 1 at the conclusion of 5 months of care. An audiogram was normal, too. (7) These are gratifying outcomes that St. Francisville hearing loss patients could accept! Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville is prepared for the opportunity to help!

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