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Research Supports Quality St. Francisville Chiropractic Care

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. There must be the will to produce a superior thing.” ― John Ruskin

Chiropractors decide on this profession to be back pain specialists, to be spine care specialists. Just like their patients who come from all walks of life and all different professions, chiropractors put great effort into the quality of their professional life, into the spine care they offer their chiropractic patients. Chiropractors present themselves as the best chiropractic spine specialists they can be. Therefore chiropractors improve all the time by studying, reading and applying the latest in spinal research. Your St. Francisville chiropractor is no different and has the will to produce a superior back pain relief result for St. Francisville back pain patients. Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville is the St. Francisville back pain specialty clinic, the quality St. Francisville spine care clinic for well-researched and well-documented non-surgical relief of back pain and neck pain related conditions.

St. Francisville back and neck pain patients find that Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville’s St. Francisville chiropractic care is centered on research. Research is the intelligent effort part of the quality equation. Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville chooses to use is Cox Technic which flourishes with on research to detail its biomechanical and clinical effects, its efficacy for patient pain relief. It has federally funded research studies by the likes of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) which commenced funding chiropractic research back in the early 1990s. Even though much chiropractic research has been done in the intervening years, more is continually welcome and desired.

In Australia, a study recently reported the high educational status of chiropractors. (U.S. chiropractors are as well! As a matter of fact, chiropractors are members of the third largest doctorate-level, portal-of-entry primary care physician group beside medical doctors and dentists. (2) That’s a duty that your St. Francisville chiropractor does not take lightly!) The Australia study also noted that more chiropractic research will keep pushing chiropractic forward in the healthcare system. It beckons more chiropractic research. The study states that chiropractors care for people of all ages who typically present with musculoskeletal conditions (like back pain and neck pain). 21.3 million patient visits annually keep the Aussie chiropractic offices full. (There were 12.1 million US patient visits in 2003 marking a 57% rise since 1996. [1] Today, the American Chiropractic Association reports that more than 30 million patients visit chiropractors a year. [2]) The Australian chiropractic research potential is boundless. More such is helpful for better incorporation of and consideration of chiropractic’s role in healthcare. (3) That is the same for chiropractors world-wide. Chiropractic research is key to effective patient care.

Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville values research, allows it to direct the quality of the St. Francisville chiropractic care offered to St. Francisville back pain and neck pain patients. Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville asks musculoskeletal pain patients of all types to schedule a St. Francisville chiropractic appointment with your St. Francisville chiropractor who has “the will to produce a superior thing” which is to deliver the finest quality chiropractic care available.

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