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Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville Offers Realistic Back Pain Relief Expectations

Let’s be honest. You want 100% relief of your St. Francisville back pain and have it never return. Heck, you did not want it to happen in the first place! Well, Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville wants that for you, too. But reality intervenes. The research gets published. Realistic expectations are stated. Documented treatment outcomes guide you and Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville as we travel together toward healing and improved quality of life with back pain.


Medicine today says 30% minimal clinical improvement as good enough to merit the use of a treatment approach. (1) The “minimal clinically important difference” is an indicator of the helpfulness of treatment. In an extensive review of published reports, the relative percent was revealed as 32%. (2) “Good” outcome of medical primary care for sciatica and leg pain was only 30% reduction in disability. 55% of patients were improved at one year. (1) Another set of researchers reported that a 20 point move on a 100 point scale is a good outcome.  A change of 19% on an Oswestry pain scale and 2 points on a 10 points visual analogue scale is seen as successful reduction in pain for a patient with continued postoperative spine pain. (3) Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville knows St. Francisville back pain patients desire more relief than that. Setting up realistic expectations from the beginning boosts the chances of a satisfactory outcome for our St. Francisville chiropractic patients.


Chiropractic is often grouped with alternative medicine. Chiropractic seeks to take care of the source of spine-related pain with spine treatment, exercise, nutrition, etc., while allopathic medicine seeks to remove the offending cause of pain by drug or invasive means. (4) One study comparing the two approaches demonstrated that at 2 months of care, older adults with lumbar spine stenosis treated with manual therapy and exercise fared better than medical care and group exercise. (5) Another paper about older adults with back pain reported 50% improvement in back pain and 43% in disability after 2 years of care. The honest truth: fewer than 20% of these patients had complete resolution of pain and disability, but they were better. (6) Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville helps many St. Francisville back pain and stenosis patients honestly establish realistic expectations for clinical improvement of their back pain conditions using the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.


Cox® Technic has always strived for at least 50% relief within 30 days before doing another treatment protocol or arranging appointments for more advanced imaging tests or referral for surgical consultation (as long as there is no sign of progressive neurological deficit or caudal equina syndrome/change in bowel or urinary function which would necessitate a more immediate action). (7) For years, 50% did not seem like enough. Today, it is amazing relief compared with the new medical and surgical expectation of 20% to 30% relief. One more recent study reports even more relief with Cox® Technic: Spinal stenosis patients improved in pain by 76% and disability by 73%. (8) How might such improvement come? Horizontal traction was shown much more effective in enlarging disc height of lower lumbar discs. (9) Cox® Technic distraction manipulation was found to increase the area by 28%. (10) Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville knows many St. Francisville back pain patients whose 20% relief of pain excited them as it permitted them to walk in the park or go to the grocery store or play with the grandkids.

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Wanda Lopez on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson whose patient was elated that she could take a walk in Central Park without pain.

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Schedule your next chiropractic appointment at Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville today. We will be honest. We will discuss treatment outcome expectations with you. Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville is on your side and committed to helping you get the St. Francisville back pain relief you want.

Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville treats back pain patients who want 100% relief of pain and gently tempers those expectations to assure them of improved quality of life. 
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