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St. Francisville Arm Pain

Arm Pain Relief Is Just an Arm's Length Away!

 By which we mean your chiropractor’s arm length!

 Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville starts your arm pain treatment with a discussion that may sound something like this...

"Your arm hurts and your thumb is numb? Your C6 disc may be irritating a nerve." Surprised? Don't be! Chiropractic diagnosis starts simply with you. Let us know your symptoms, and Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville will set the treatment strategy to help.

You may be thinking, what sets Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville chiropractic services apart from the NSAIDs, exercise, injections, surgery, or anything you have ever attempted before?

 Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville's Cox Technic

 Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville offers the chiropractic non-surgical approach to arm pain relief, Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression Spinal Manipulation, based on its exhaustively documented clinical outcomes (1,2,3) The end result: Patients acquire arm pain relief. On average, patients who endure arm pain find relief in just 13 visits. (3) Many Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville patients keep working while they are being treated. That's a huge relief in itself.

Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville cares for St. Francisville residents who endure arm pain every single day. Our objectives are to alleviate your arm pain – as well as any related neck pain - by at least 50% in 30 days and offer you some tools to control and prevent arm pain in the future. Many experience that arm pain relief often comes much more quickly than 30 days and often reaches 100%. We've helped many just like you.

 So is it time to treat your arm pain? Explore our website to discover more about our...

Then, schedule an appointment Family & Sports Chiropractic of St. Francisville as the first step toward arm pain relief. All you have to do is get your neck and arm pain within arm's reach of our St. Francisville chiropractic relief specialist!

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